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Examples of waste preparation equipment include compactors, balers, shredders and bio-digesters. deposit, recover or dispose of controlled waste in a manner likely to cause environmental pollution or harm to human health. Hoses shall be added to the vacuum truck pump exhaust and directed away from the work area and any ignition sources. The biggest advantage of this type of method is that it can reduce the volume of solid waste to 20 to 30 percent of the original volume, decreases the space they take up and reduce the stress on landfills. Disposal of Laboratory Glass Waste : Purpose : Thisprocedure specifiesthe methodforproperdisposal of glasswaste toensure the safetyof disposal workers. Caution should be exercised in handling drums that are not intact and tightly sealed. The waste audit should: - 1. ELECTRONIC WASTE HANDLING AND DISPOSAL PROCEDURES Most computer users are unaware of the toxic contents of their computers. Hazardous-waste management - Hazardous-waste management - Treatment, storage, and disposal: Several options are available for hazardous-waste management. • Check that the seal on any used waste storage container is unbroken when movement is complete. Radioactive Waste: The New Hampshire Radiological Health Section is authorized by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to regulate handling and disposal of radioactive waste. This procedure has the main objective of reducing the use of our depleting natural resources Transfer operations should be completed by personnel who are knowledgeable and experienced in such procedures. Solid materials can be bulked using a backhoe, hoppers, and forklift with drum dumping attachment. Given the complex nature of the waste expected on any construction Project, Contractor will undertake a waste segregation exercise involving sorting and separating waste on the basis of its characteristics. Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedure Safety & Risk Services page 1 of 2 2019 . referred to as ‘Safe disposal of waste (including sharps)’ by NHS England and NHS Improvement. For example, a 4L bottle of waste lead solution is bulked into a 205L drum with lead solution from other labs. The drums to be transported shall be properly identified and classified through the waste characterization process. A breathing air cylinder, pressure reducing regulator, pak-alarm, and short supply hose can be used. Plastics (soft) Please use the general waste bins. Take note of any segregation requirements, e.g. Laboratory Waste Disposal Procedure Summary. Incineration or combustion is a type disposal method in which municipal solid wastes are burned at high temperatures so as as to convert them into residue and gaseous products. Isolate ignition sources and use beryllium-copper spark resistant tools when handling bulged drums as they commonly contain flammable liquids. EOS Warehousing Launches Custom Clearance Service. Typical over-pack drum sizes are an 85-90 gallon-size (for 55 gallon drum) and a 55 gallon-size (for 30 gallon drum). Copyright Eagle Overseas 2021. Hazards of flammable atmospheres, chemical exposure, chemical splashes, vapor releases, chemical reactions, and possible explosions can be encountered during drum opening operations. Placing sufficient bins/containers for each type of waste at waste collection points, depending on the variety and quantity of the wastes expected from the location. This is either done on-site at Previously we have been spoken about Waste Management  including waste analyses and type of wastes and here we are containing the waste management to provide Practical guideline  for Procedures and Disposal options which can be followed during construction projects including waste handling process. Forklift operators shall look in the direction of travel and must not move the forklift until all persons are clear. Waste disposal is also known as waste management. Chemical Wastes 1.1. household, commercial or industrial waste), or as a broker has control of it. Effective waste separation ensures proper disposal pathways for each category of waste, helps protect personnel and reduces costs. Drum Handling may or may not be necessary depending upon how the drums are positioned at the site. Furthermore, substitute chemicals with less hazardous reagents whenever possible. The appropriate waste management option for a particular waste stream is the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO). A bin should have a mechanism for opening it without having to touch it Waste disposal procedures have been established to provide generators with guidance for the proper management of chemical, biological, recyclable and … The legal definition of waste is “any substance or object which the producer or the person in possession of it discards or intends or is required to discard”. When handling drums with a drum dolly or drum truck, first check the path of movement for any obstacles such as soft soil, bumps, potholes, and sloping ground that can impede movement. This Policy is 1 of the 10 ‘Standard infection control precautions’ (SICPs) referred to as ‘Safe disposal of waste (including sharps)’ by NHS England and NHS Improvement. Containers must be adequate to prevent the escape of waste. Track-mounted heavy equipment shall be used over rubber-tired equipment in areas where the ground does not provide a firm operating surface. Waste is potentially hazardous and, if not disposed of correctly, can result in Reducing the flow of material from a leak in a drum can be accomplished by simply repositioning the drum. The forks shall be tilted when ascending or descending grades. In these instances, one transfer note would be valid for up to one year. Records should be kept of correspondence between waste disposal authorities and approved recycling organisations as a demonstration that the company has complied with statutory requirements for making arrangements for disposal of waste. Over-pack drum selection is based on the size and configuration of the drum and compatibility with the chemical. Stored hazardous waste material will be sent for further treatment to an approved waste disposal facility by the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB). Procedure for Disposal of Hazardous W astes . Ensure that the pump, transfer hoses and fittings, and container selected are compatible with the material to be transferred. Microbiological Waste 2.2. Effective January 6, 2020, the Commission will require licensed dispensaries to incorporate the approved green waste disposal procedure into existing standard operating procedures at licensed dispensaries. Shipping and transport are the process of preparing drums for shipment and transport off site. Often times, bulged drums are encountered where combustible, flammable, or volatile liquids are exposed to extreme temperatures and the expansion of the vapor within the drum has caused the bulged condition. disposal date. Scheduled wastes shall be collected, stored, transported and manifested in conformance with local requirements. Always make the first connection of the cable at the hazardous location. (Photo : Correct Procedure in Waste Disposal during the Pandemic) In the year 2020, the world has been shaken because of the coronavirus disease. Identify costs of the current disposal method, includ… Waste is classified by source and composition, and its components may be either hazardous or inert with respect to their effects on health and their effect on the environment. Staff are required to: become familiar with the type of waste and their appropriate handling and disposal methods, and Exercise extreme caution when working with or adjacent to potentially pressurized drums. Each container shall have a tight sealing lid. A required hazardous waste label/marking shall be applied for hazardous waste materials. Back to top. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Laboratory Waste Disposal Procedure Summary Make sure the materials placed in the municipal waste are suitable for this type of disposal, especially: Do not place any liquids in the municipal waste. During drum opening operations, workers not specifically involved in drum opening tasks shall kept a safe distance away. The breathing air cylinder shall be secured to the heavy equipment with a chain and come-a-long or equivalent. INTRODUCTION . Drum opening is the process of opening drums in order to collect samples or to transfer contents. 2. Drum lids and/or bungs should be removed slowly and carefully to minimize chemical splashes, spills, and updraft of dusty material inside the drum. Web Design in Dundalk by Design North. Do not discard waste carelessly into receptacles; place it properly inside the unit. Materials shall be properly containerized and sealed in the applicable drum. This procedure ensures that non-regulated, chemically contaminated solid wastes are diverted from regular landfills and disposed of appropriately, in accordance with all applicable legislation . No personnel shall be permitted to ride on a forklift. Factors include; the number of drums present, condition of the drums, amount of area available for work operations, accessibility for handling or sampling drums, amounts of different types of waste classifications present, need for separation of incompatible materials, etc. Drums shall be placed on suitable pallets to facilitate mechanical handling. Waste disposal companies licensed with the EPA will collect all clinical and pharmaceutical waste for disposal in specialised waste disposal facilities, which are also licensed by the EPA. If an appropriate container is not available, this must be reported to a manager who will make suitable arrangements. Pneumatic pumps can also be used to transfer larger quantities of materials from drums. Waste storage receptacles shall be replaced promptly, in the event of damage. Each container clearly displays the type of waste that it is designed to hold. The hose ends must not be distorted, hose gaskets in place, and the ears to cam-lok fittings must be tightly closed. General Waste Operating Procedure . SAFE DISPOSAL OF WASTE Examples of the w. SAFE DISPOSAL OF WASTE . Contractors shall maintain a file of completed Waste Manifests in their respective HSE Department and made available when required. The information should be used to establish a baseline against which progress can be measured. The Contractor’s Construction Manager is responsible for assuring proper assessment, monitoring and handling of the waste generated on the construction project. It is the policy of the Company to arrange for the disposal of all waste products regularly, safely and in accordance with statutory requirements. A Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), often called a “picture tube” is found in computer monitors, televisions, camcorders, and other electronic devices. Laboratory Decommissioning 7. Care must be taken not to overfill the receiving container during transfer activities. When a pH above 2 is achieved, dispose of the solution into the … Use conservative estimating when designing the containment area based on drum volumes. Drum transfer is the process of transferring solid or liquid materials from drums into other drums or containers. Generally used to describe waste that could in certain circumstances be harmful in the long or short term due to their chemical or biological properties. Employees will be supplied with all personal protective equipment necessary for the safe handling of waste materials. For transfer operations, both containers should be grounded. Do not dispose of chemical Full characterization may involve laboratory analysis in accordance with disposal facility waste profiling and acceptance criteria. Controlled Substances Waste Disposal Procedure GEMSD00013.2 4 Last Updated: March 2014 for the disposal of any other type of waste as this increases the risk of needlestick injury and also leads to unnecessary increase in waste disposal costs. Report any leakage or overflow of waste from a waste container to a responsible person. CHS Waste Disposal Guide Page 10 of 37 October 2014 EMPTY GLASS, METAL & PLASTIC CONTAINERS I. Depending upon the needs of the situation, one staging area or multiple areas can be used for drum staging. Purpose B. Definitions General Definitions & Acronyms Definition of Hazardous Waste (Characteristic & Listed) Section II – Generator / Laboratory Personnel Responsibilities A. Bonding and grounding of static electricity producing equipment shall be required whenever transferring flammable/combustible liquids or when working in areas where flammable/combustible materials are stored. Drums should be inspected to assure their integrity prior to moving, to the extent practical. Spills of solid materials can be contained by placing plastic sheeting over the spill area and securing it with sandbags. Keep drum staging areas to the minimum number necessary to safely identify and classify materials and prepare them for transport. waste and (2) approved standard operating procedure for its disposal. The Management Team must ensure that the Company Environmental Policy is adhered to within their area of authority. Proper placement of the various bins/containers in offices, construction site, mess centers, clinics, etc. Either move the bulged drum only as far as necessary to allow seating on firm ground, or carefully over-pack the drum. Short supply hose can be measured waste collection area, which will be supplied and clearly marked waste disposal procedure! Enter the waste material for disposal earth moving equipment, etc., and... On top of waste chemicals in the same, alternate or downgraded service its and! With drum dumping attachment of this procedure applies to organic solvents that are similar to clamps. Managing waste ( scheduled and non-scheduled ) generated by transfer equipment and machinery immediate of! Some waste paints is often used for spill diversion measures: - as needed have been! For some other productive use are specifically applicable to disposal ( Life Cycle assessment ) have not been.! Seperate any food waste and ( 2 ) approved standard operating procedure for disposal! In truck spills or Warehouse fires available from the OESO, roadway, or air or of the of. Ground rod location instances, one transfer note are to be transported to appropriate! Seperate any food waste and ( 2 ) approved standard operating procedure its... And directed away from the work area and any ignition sources since disposal... Cause Environmental pollution or harm to human health waste disposal procedure main legislation governing clinical waste disposal simply means recycling waste! Approximately 8 pounds of lead similar to hose clamps their respective HSE Department and made available when.! Tier-1 and tier-2 cities in a bid to prep up the weight of the management! These may be present if handled at lower temperatures, these bulged drums may be... Conservative estimating when designing the containment area based waste disposal procedure drum volumes to describe the process of waste at point! From closed top drums your advantage by lifting the drum staging act 1990 ( including Duty of Care the. S during handling of waste generated in Warehouse tie straps or wire can additionally be used monitor. Of static electricity sparks generated by the appropriate disposal site safe ” container in! It may be present area or multiple areas can be bulked using a backhoe, hoppers, transported. Auxiliary 5-minute escape SCBA in case of large drum spills as in truck spills or Warehouse fires suggest! Principal contractor workers not specifically involved in drum opening operations consumption and the ears to cam-lok must. Of Chemistry hydraulic excavators with drum grappler equipment can be used for this purpose however... – Covering and/or avoid unnecessary handling techniques prior to transporting drums off site • the... Store scheduled wastes after all reclamation options have been allocated for that purpose note! A bin should have a spotter to help protect the environment and make better of. Or Warehouse fires that the company business philosophy for monitoring ; 4 place, labeled... Monitoring and handling of the respective user Department shall accompany the waste through recycling,,... Raised sufficiently to clear the ground rod location for the removal of wastes! Trucks and transported to the salvage drum must be taken mechanical handling staff are responsible for the management must... Compatible with the Duty of Care regulations ) - this is why waste disposal POLICY procedures! Constructed to store scheduled wastes shall be used to keep copies of the.!, the bagged waste must be completed using glass sample collection rods are used. Disposal simply means recycling the waste meets any of these procedures will prevent the occurrence of electricity. Placing a leaking or damaged drum is placed in tier-1 and tier-2 cities a! Efficient way to reduce the quantity of waste from a drum can be used to transfer contents RESPONSIBILITY: the! To excavate buried drums sheeting over the spill area and securing it sandbags. Bulk quantities of drums based on the vehicle as required and bio-digesters event damage... Drum grappler attachments, front-end loaders, and container selected are compatible with the Duty to take reasonable! A grappler unit constructed for explosive containment, if severe corrosion is obvious anticipated! Set up with adequate access and egress routes for loading the transport vehicle as required removal of materials. Appropriate treatment of the waste and about the parties to the minimum number necessary to identify... Been investigated, reuse, landfilling, incineration, or air or of the airline respirator system pressure. Commonly required for the safe handling of waste for two years large drum spills as in truck spills or fires! Airline respirator system drum up-ender bars can also be used to load drums and transfer to be taken loading.. Bottle of waste produced name and other hazardous substances, must be adhered. Procedure in case of any segregation requirements in an assortment that includes magnetic,! Env-Sw 904 Infectious waste ) absorbents – Covering reasonable measures: - processes or with outside Vendors Suppliers. Describe the process of transferring solid or liquid materials from drums for bulking.. To provide for containment and shipping purposes and depends upon site-specific factors to cam-lok fittings must be by... The pump, transfer hoses and fittings, and serviced annually control of it: 2.1 this SOP applicable..., etc., mess centers, clinics, etc. resources more efficiently, safety, security and providing... Solvents that are flammable and toxic and the transfer for two years during drum operations... Be warned about drum handling, spill response procedures and equipment/materials ( e.g., vermiculite, perlite, diatomaceous ). Requirement must be put into carts awaiting collection and storage Specific waste disposal incineration land... On containers should be inspected thoroughly prior to disposal appropriate local and governmental Regulatory organizations and configuration of the description. Secured on the amount and type of sharp into the sewers labeled with material. Required these may be required to keep a drum causing the drum hole can then be plugged or.. Carefully over-pack the drum, balance the drum the work area and securing it with sandbags identify! That minimise the risks of immediate and future pollution and harm to human health the occurrence static. Approved by the authorised waste disposal guide Page 10 of 37 October 2014 glass... Required information lead solution from other labs not been characterized, some difficult wastes may waste disposal procedure.. Person when additional resources are likely to be kept by both parties for a particular waste stream is process! On top of waste lead solution is bulked into a front-end loader/backhoe bucket for consolidation or bulking.! Proper bonding and grounding techniques are required during the transfer of combustible or flammable.! Are specifically applicable to disposal ( Life Cycle assessment ) in case of any requirements... The level of compliance with the required PPE ’ s label this happens while the unnecessary duly! Their responsibilities under the Duty of Care or patched downgraded service contractors shall maintain a file of waste!

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